Traders Meet up – 2023

Traders Meet Up 2023 was an even bigger success than the previous year, with over 300 traders in attendance, tripling the turnout from the previous edition. The presence of distinguished guests such as a budding entrepreneur, a social worker Anil Shetty and Chief Justice Santosh Hegde undoubtedly added to the prestige of the event.


The packed day filled with innovative concepts, strategies, live trading demonstrations, and valuable learning opportunities made it a highly rewarding experience for every attendee in the banquet hall. Dr. Vinay Shetty, one of the founders of Trading Minds, delivered a session on index strategies, providing insights into effective trading approaches. Pavan D Joshi further enhanced the learning experience by executing live trades in the market using the strategies discussed, adding a practical dimension to the theoretical knowledge shared. Anushruth Manchi’s session on investment and portfolio management contributed to skilling up the audience and broadening their understanding of the financial markets.


The event also provided ample opportunities for networking, fostering connections among traders and industry professionals. The combination of enriching sessions, practical demonstrations, delicious meals, and networking opportunities made Traders Meet Up 2023 an unforgettable experience for all participants. It’s evident that the event continues to grow in both scale and impact, further solidifying its position as a premier gathering for traders and investors alike.

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