““I have been learning with The Trading Minds team since 2015 even before the company was formed. They have helped me to understand the concepts and as a result of his teachings, I have significant knowledge about the technical-side for trading, especially about finding patterns, analyse and pick stocks for intraday, short term and long term and divide the portfolio to different segments””


“I have been trading with the guidance of the TTM team since December 2013. It has helped me create a good portfolio in line with my financial plan of saving. They are fundamentally and technically strong and possesses unique knowledge compared to other mentors available online, as a result of which, their teaching methods make it easy for us. The financial returns from intraday calls as well as long term portfolio stocks have made me financially strong.”

Anil Kumar

“I would say,they have an impeccable grip on market and abundant knowledge on how market moves. The analysis and predictions have been correct most of the times and hence making their investment strategies unbeatable. I’m very thankful for there years of knowledge and they helping us to learn and trade with rules not in adhoc manner and for everything else they are doing to help us”

Ronak Kotak

“I’ve been learning from The Trading Minds team since 2006. Have been trying to do my bit by using the knowledge they have provided, which has helped me to create a secondary source of income and also their investment ideas for long term have reaped huge gains.

The knowledge they provide in the field of share market is so good, impressive and motivates to brings the best out of you”


“I can proudly mention that, Pavan’s knowledge in trading, his passion,success and true guidance has made me confident to start trading from the year 2017.Initially, as a beginner, it was hard to jump directly into Stock Market but his unique session on the Basics of Stock Market helped me grasp some bite on trading.

I started from scratch to gaining knowledge on long term stocks,short term stocks,Options,Futures,Intraday trading & Index trading.After basic understanding I picked up in-depth knowledge transfer from him on Long term stock trading. Once he noticed that I started getting familiar about buy/sell,positions,holdings,profit/loss & all types of functions he taught me more complex concepts for intraday trading.”


“Being under the guidance of 'The Trading Minds' has helped me a lot in knowing more about various Markets and techniques which yield great returns. Their knowledge in this area is awesome and they can be considered as Guru in this field. I really love their enthusiasm to share his knowledge with others. I love the innovative concept of candle sticks to analyze support and resistance levels that recently learned from you which are working smoothly.”


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