Do You Have Any Questions ?

You do not require any prior knowledge in case if you are taking up our basic course. However, if you are going for any other course we suggest you to finish the basics first. We will not be teaching any basic courses in the higher courses

It is just like schooling. As soon you finish the school or college you will start earning but how much depends on various factors. We suggest you to go slow and strong.

No we do not give any sort of recording and if someone is found guilty then as per the policy we have all the rights to file an FIR on the same.

We suggest you not to miss the session as its only 5-20hrs of class depending on the course. But due to any emergency, if you miss the class we would give you access to the class again with the next batch.

Duration of the program depends on which course you have enrolled for. You can visit our ”Course” page for more details

No. We are not call providers and we push you to “Learn & Earn” even though it is a cakewalk for us to give calls and charge you more.

We have set of highly trained coaches who have immense experience. You can go through the profile, achievements of the trainers section in Webinar section.

No. We do not give any EMI option. You can get in touch with your bank for any further requests.

No it is non-transferable.

You would be added to our social media portals where you can post your question and we would answer at the earliest.

The fees paid is non refundable and also cannot be used for the different program as well.

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