It is not called Gambling when you have analysed technically, tactically and made a plan

Duration : 12hr  – ONLINE COURSE

Brief Description

Technical Analysis – “Intra-day” is a course tailored to meet the needs of a person who wants to start with trading in stock market immediately.

This course covers versatile knowledge required for a beginner to upskill and trade with confidence by following various strategies, analysis and plan.

Practical demos along with modularized course content will assist to pursue end to end skill set required to begin with trading.

Few of the successful Intraday Setup with high accuracy are being taught which is a game changer for any trader

Lifetime access to private telegram group to “The Trading Minds” telegram channel where each member is provided with exclusive access to calls, tips, live market demos, knowledge bytes, documents and many more.

Create wonders by generating surprising income on a daily basis

Key Takeaways

Understand key concepts of Technical analysis for Intra-day trading

Exposure to trading demos and live trading

High Accuracy Intraday working setup, software code

Access to knowledge resources of ‘The Trading Minds’ premium membership for a month

First step to gain Financial freedom being a Independent trader !