We believe in purpose driven Stock Market Strategies

Duration : 6 hrs – ONLINE COURSE

Brief Description

We have tailored this course for those who wish to learn about stock market from your home.

We have made it simpler and practical so that you can easily understand. We may be talking to you virtually, but we will make sure the experience is real.

This course has helped more than 1,000+ learners and we are confident that, after completing this course, you will be confident in investing in stock market.

The course has 5 lectures structured for 1 hour each.

This is an Interactive course and you will be answered for all the questions towards the end of session.

In this course, you will learn 50+ concepts of the Stock Market and some of the extended categories on trading psychology and money management.

3months free access to private telegram group to “The Trading Minds”  where each member is provided with exclusive access to calls, tips, live market demos, knowledge bytes, documents, and many more.

Start trading with as low as Rs. 5000/- and become a independent trader

Key Takeaways

Understand basics of stock Market

Understand Market participants and Instruments

First step to become a Investor/Trader

Choosing stocks, period for investment